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Thermal Hybrid Vanish 7,2 ML - Black Russian

Thermal Hybrid Vanish 7,2 ML - Black Russian
Thermal Hybrid Vanish 7,2 ML - Black Russian
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Thermal Hybrid Vanish 7,2 ML - BLACK RUSSIAN

You don’t like boredom in your nails? You prefer dynamically changing colors? Then this varnish is created for you! No more one-color varnishes. Under the influence of temperature differences (bigger or smaller than + 30°C), the thermal gel polish changes color to another, contrasting one. It darkens when it is cold, and brightens when it gets warmer.


 The resulting effect, is perfect for a summer vacation or winter weather. The varnish is also very good for games or water sports. Just cool your hands and enjoy the changing color.


The longer the nails, the more visible the effect will be! Your Ombre will surprise everyone! A manicure or hybrid pedicure is a treatment that provides a guarantee of styling without streaks and scratches. This method is as simple as applying a varnish, it looks natural and at the same time it is as durable as gel. Hybrid manicure provides impeccable nail appearance for 14 days (until distinct regrowth).

*CAUTION: The colors on the pictures may slightly differ from the actual ones due to individual adjustments of the screen.  


STEP 1. Give the nails the desired shape. Carefully push the nail skin back with a wooden stick or nail pusher. Then file the nail surface with the NEONAIL BUFFER and remove any dust formed with a brush.
STEP 2. Degrease the nails with the NeoNail NAIL CLEANER.

STEP 3. Add the UV HARD BASE coat as a primer and allow it to cure under LED LAMP or UV LAMP light. (Do not wipe the nails with the cleaner afterwards).

STEP 4. Apply the UV NAIL GEL POLISH in the colour of your choice and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. Do not wipe the nails afterwards. Repeat the process.

STEP 5. Apply the UV HARD TOP to give a very clear shine effect and allow it to cure under LED or UV light.

Then clean your nails with the NAIL CLEANER.

STEP 6. For extra care, use a nail oil.

After removing the hybrid manicure, it is worth doing Japanese Manicure. It gives a pink pearl shine, deeply nourishes the natural nail plate, strengthens it and infuses it with natural ingredients (including A + E vitamins), keratin, bee pollen and Japanese Sea Silica. 

Gel polish specification
Shade Black
Capacity 7,2 ml
Collection Thermo Color

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