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Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen

Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
Smoky Effect No. 10 Pollen
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SMOKY Effect

Enjoy Your Colour Imagine a rainbow split into a hundred pieces – well we have gathered all these colours in our neon powder collection, Smoky Effect!

With a palette of 10 vivid powders, it is one of the most varied colour collections on the market – each one full of positive energy, happiness and craziness! You can use them in many ways: that most desirable smoky effect can be achieved by applying

a colour to one of the prepared patterns. Neon ombré is another great idea – grab your colour, and create original colour combinations on your nails. Try applying the powder on any UV nail gel polish. However, black and white are still the best if you want to expose vibrant colours.

Join us in a festival of crazy colours!

1. Smoky Effect NO1 (green) – A vivid green colour, like a burst of spring, bringing freshness and happiness.

2. Smoky Effect NO2 (yellow) – A bold, yellow shade – reminiscent of sunny days and fun. Try it out!

3. Smoky Effect NO3 (orange) – A warm, orange colour for seeking happiness and making you feel good. Check it out!

4. Smoky Effect NO4 (orange/red) – Orange and red are both inspiring colours. This duo is sure to make you burst with energy.

5. Smoky Effect NO5 (pink) – A subtle yet still bold colour; a sweet but also funky shade. This best describes the Smoky Effect blush - so make sure you use it for your manicure!

6. Smoky Effect NO6 (fuchsia) – Fuchsia is a strong and distinctive colour. Sprinkle the powder on your nails for a magical decorative effect.

7. Smoky Effect NO7 – (purple) – Do you like vivid colours in a very feminine style? You can go crazy with the purple pigment.

8. Smoky Effect NO8 (blue) – Thoughts of a peaceful ocean or maybe a cloudless sky? What do you think about this blue, hypnotic powder?

9. Smoky Effect NO9 – (dark blue) – Get dreamy, in the shade of the night sky.

If you like contrasts, combine the deep blue with a lighter colour.



Pollen ia applied on the dispersion layer (sticky) of colored gel polish or Hard Top;

Wub with circular motions using a special applicator or fingertip.

Remove excess of pollen with a soft brush, and protect the whole by applying Hard Top to the nail, remembering to protect the free edge of the nail well.


Weight: If your Gel Polish has a small dispersion layer (sticky), it should be cured for a shorter time so that the light adhesive layer remains on the nail.

Shade Red
Weight 2 g

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