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Duo Acrylgel Natural Pink - 30 g

Duo Acrylgel Natural Pink - 30 g

NeoNail Duo Acrylgel

NeoNail Duo Acrylgel is a new product that is set to revolutionise manicures. The new product formula is an innovative solution, combining the toughness of acrylic with the elasticity of gel.


- thick texture – no more flowing onto the cuticles,

- possibilities to extend and shape the nails,

- permanent styles – the nails are highly resistant to damage,

- extending 5 nails at the same time – the product stays in place on the nail plate,

- two methods of application – using elastic Duo Acrylgel or a nail form,

- great working conditions, no need to rush – curing under a LED lamp without the feeling of heat,

- no unpleasant smells,

- available in 5 colours and 2 sizes (5 ml and 7 ml).

Professional Duo Acrylgel is easier and quicker to use than traditional gels, with 

their more runny texture, making it the perfect product for beginner stylists.

Perfect Clear – a clear gel to help build and extend nails, and for the Duo Acrylgel french manicure.

French White – a shade of white for creating the perfect french line.

Natural Pink – a subtle pink, perfect for building the whole nails and for a french manicure.

There are several colours that are perfect for a french manicure or for building the whole nails:

French Pink – a delicate shade of pink,

Cover Pink – a pink close to light peach.

Application with a nail form:

1. Gently mattify the nail with a buffing block. Push back the cuticles, using a cuticle nipper to remove the cuticles if necessary.

2. Apply a nail form under the nail. Apply the product over 3/4 of the nail and then gently push the product down until it reaches the desired length. Soak the brush in cleaner, so it does not stick to the product. Cure under a 48 W LED lamp for 30-60 seconds (depending on the colour). If you have 

a problematic nail plate, you can apply a thin layer of HARD BASE or Base Extra, and then cure under a 48 W LED lamp or 36 W UV lamp, according to the table. You can also use the Primer.

3. Move the hands out from under the lamp, remove the form and apply the product again over 3/4 of the nail plate and then gently push it up, under the cuticles, and down to cover the whole nail. Soak the brush in cleaner, so it does not stick to the product. Cure under a 48 W LED lamp for 30-60 seconds (depending on the colour).

4. After curing, file the nails using a 180-grain nail file to achieve the desired shape.

 5. Apply a layer of HARD TOP to make it super glossy. Cure under a LED or UV lamp, and then wipe with cleaner.


Very thick texture – the tube container makes it easy to dispense the product.


NeoNail Duo AcrylGel Brush

A professional tool with two practical tips, allowing the nail plate to be extended and shaped using the innovative Duo AcrylGel.

The dual-ended brush includes:

1. A metal spatula that helps application of the product directly onto the nails. It is has a slightly longer, flat end and ensures precision and comfort during manicures.

2. A high-quality brush to help spread Duo Acryl Gel over the nail plate and achieve the desired shape. The bristles are thick, and cut to ensure perfect results when applying the product.

The brush includes a protective cover, looks good and is a great product for any beauty salon. It is sent in a safety tube to avoid damage during delivery.

UV Gel / Acrylic
Shade Pink
Weight 7 g

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