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Primer Vitamins 7,2 ml

Primer Vitamins 7,2 ml
Primer Vitamins 7,2 ml
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Delicate for the plate – efficient in use

Primer Vitamins is an acid-free product that increases the adhesion of the base to the natural nail plate. 

Enriched with vitamins for additional nail care properties. 

Apply it to a hybrid, gel or acrylic method.  

What you receive in a package:


Vitamins A, E, B7 and B8 as well as calcium pantothenate contained among the ingredients have nurturing and strengthening properties.

It is also recommended to use Primera Vitamins on damaged or fragile nail plates.


An innovative formula that has allowed the introduction of a vitamin complex 

does not weaken its adhesive properties - the product acts as a double-sided tape that bonds the nail and the applied base.


Natural ingredients eliminate the burning sensation in the lamp. 

They prevent the aeration of subsequently applied products and any lifting (pulling of the product).


With its new formula, Primer Vitamins is delicate and non-invasive and allows to work even on very damaged plates.

It extends the durability of the design and ensures safety - anything for your nails! 

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