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Nail Cleaner Vitamins - 200 ml

Nail Cleaner Vitamins - 200 ml
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Nail Cleaner Vitamins - 200 ml
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Care from the first stage of the manicure

Nail Cleaner Vitamins is a liquid for degreasing nails and removing the sticky dispersion layer. Additionally, what distinguishes it is the presence of natural ingredients. The retinol, calcium, and vitamin E, F, H, and B5 complex contained in Cleaner are gentle on the nail plate, which increases comfort during manicure and pedicure

Dual-tasking Nail Cleaner Vitamins

1. The product decreases the plate before making the manicure and properly prepares the nails for the treatment.

2. The liquid removes the dispersion layer that was formed after curing the gel polish or hard gel. It leaves a beautiful shine and is the last step in creating a manicure.

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