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Glittery Effect No. 03 Pollen

Glittery Effect No. 03 Pollen
Glittery Effect No. 03 Pollen
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Pollen for nail stylization 2g Glittery Effect No. 02 - multicolor

Shine among your friends with the Glittery Effect. Glittery Effect is a collection of 3 amazing pollens. All they need is even a small beam of light to create an incredible shine. They will make your manicure attract looks and you will always be at the center of attention. They are simply made for big nights out. You will achieve all this in an incredibly simple way.  The Glittery Effect pollens do not require special skills and their application is not time-consuming. Check out our collection and be enchanted.

Description of the Glittery Effect pollen collection

The small container consists in pollen that gives a spectacular effect. What distinguishes this pollen from others? Definitely gradation. It is much thicker than even classic brocade. It makes its particles look like pixels. It will look beautiful both on the whole nail plate and as an addition to decorations. When protected with a high shine top, it stays on the nail plate for a long time and in perfect condition. You can apply it on your favorite Gel Polish or immerse in gel.

The Glittery Effect pollens are suitable for all varnish colors. 

It is worth remembering that the effect that the pollen will give also depends on the selected color of the gel polish!

There are many combinations.

Arielle Effect APPLICATION 

1. Apply Glittery Effect on the second cured layer of the gel polish color with the help of a special applicator or fingertip.

2. Remove excess pollen with a soft brush.

3. Apply the Hard Top on the entire nail, remembering to properly protect the free edge of the nail. Then cure according to the table.

4. Clean the sticky layer with the Cleaner and level the edges with a nail file.

Caution: If your Gel Polish  has a small dispersion layer (sticky layer), it should be cured for a shorter time, so that the light adhesive layer remains on the nail.

Frost effect APPLICATION 

1. Apply pollen on the second layer before curing.

2. Sprinkle your fingernail with pollen precisely on each side.

3. Cure according to the table.

4. Adjust the edges with a nail file. 

Weight 2g

Available shades

Glittery Effect No. 01 - gold - blue

Glittery Effect No. 02 - pink - green

Glittery Effect No. 03 - multicolor

Weight 2 g

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