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Gel Polish UV 7,2 ml - Base 6in1 Silk Protein

Gel Polish UV 7,2 ml - Base 6in1 Silk Protein
Gel Polish UV 7,2 ml - Base 6in1 Silk Protein

Hybrid polish  UV 7,2 ml - Base 6in1 Silk Protein

Best Quality of Gel Base!

Many needs- one solution ! 
Breakthrough in hybrid polish world – Base protein 6in1 
Reach a product which nurses your nails. Revolutionary formula our Base Protein 6in1, makes your nails longer over 1 cm. 
Meet qualities of Base Protein 6in1 
I Base – using under hybrid polish and gels

II Silk proteins – their adding is response for your needs ! Using multipurpose base improves your condition of nail plate.

III Extension – with this base you can extend your nails over 1 cm. IV Superstructure – innovative base helps build and smooth nails and eke growth..

V Top – after application the base, you don’t need extra finish – product provides special gloss. 
VI Thermic- stability – thick base has an unique feature – heat resistant, which maintains consistency in high temperature. 

Protein Base 6in1 is professional nails protection for all of us – stylist, passionate or beginner of hybrid polish. Application simplifies brush – short and appropriately camber. Create natural stylization or deposit colorful hybrid polish.  
6 usings in 1 bottle – choose base which build hardy foundations under your manicure ! 

Base 6in1 Silk Protein, version without application of colorful hybrid polish . 

1.Gentle mattify nail with buffer, get rid of dust, then clean with Cleaner.  
2.For prepared nail plate, apply Primer, then apply thin coat of Base 6in1 Silk Protein, cure in LED lamp or UV lamp according to the curing time. . 
9W   - 120 sek
24W  - 60-90 sek
48W  - 60 sek                                                         

3.Apply second, little bit thicker coat of natural nail base and for pattern ( if you decided to extension). Whole cure in LED lamp or UV, according to curing time 
9W  - 120 sek
24W - 60-90 sek
48W - 60 sek

4.If it is necessity, after curing nails smooths with file about gradation 180. Remove dust with brush, then clean with Cleaner..                                  

5.In the end, apply thin coat of Base 6in1 Silk Protein, cure again. After curing clean sticky coat with Cleaner.  

**No need to use TOP 

More glow, more endurance in shorter time !
Top Shine Bright is finish hybrid polish, which innovative formula enable performance shimmery manicure, more tolerant for scraping ! 

Gel polish specification
Shade Transparent
Capacity 7,2 ml
Collection Base / Top

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