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Mystic Nature Collection

Mystic Nature Collection

You are in the middle of the forest  - close your eyes and listen. Do you hear Calm Wind? Isn't it Blissful Moment? You can hear the Moving River and Falling Leaves. That is definitely Autumn Blessing! Open your eyes maybe you could see the Moonlight Flower or Magic Rose. Are you cold? Try to find some Cosy Shelter.

Mystic Nature is a collection full of Autumn Colors - green, orange, blue, grey and red. 9 Shades - delicate, intensive, mysterious, natural and deep. Which one is your favorite?

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Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Autumn Blessing

Autumn Blessing is a warm, carmel shade of brown which warm you up during chill fall's night. B..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves is a shade of beautiful, deep orange leaves. Typical for fall season. One of the..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Seaside Forest

During fall season forests are full of incredible colors. Mysterious shade of green will match perfe..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Moving River

We have something special for blue nails fan! Moving River is a rich color which will perfectly matc..

Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Calm Wind Contact us

Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Calm Wind

Explore world from nature perspective - wild, but in the same time calm, mysterious and silent. Calm..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Magic Rose

If you are brave and you know what you want this color is exactly for you! Deep violet color match p..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Cosy Shelter

During the fall evenings are longer and cooler so we are looking for space to relax with the glass o..

Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Moonlight Flower Contact us

Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Moonlight Flower

Rich and warm red shade match perfectly to the fall season. Moondlight Flower is very feminine color..


Gel Polish 7,2 ml - Blissful Moment

Delicate and elegant that is exactly how Blissful Moment is. Light and cold shade of beige is perfec..